Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Seeing is Believing?

Browsing Youtube the other day, I came across an old movie I love, "Sarah, Plain and Tall." Oh, good! I thought, and couldn't wait to click on it. Rats! It was a video with a huge, oval, white spot in the middle of the screen! I wanted to see it so bad that I continued to watch anyway, putting up with the blurry, faded picture, which was only clear around the edges.

Since I knew the story so well, I followed along okay, catching a little of it over several days.  I finally finished all three series of the videos. Then another showing of the movie came on.  This time perfectly clear and in vibrant color!  And to think if I'd scrolled further, I could have watched it comfortably all along!

How many times have we stopped short of something or of some goal that we wanted to achieve only to settle for whatever popped up in our path? We often give up too soon, then in retrospect we realize that if we  had only held on a little longer, success would be ours.  This may be true of education, relationships, or even pursuing in prayer!

Later, I thought of the scripture that says, "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known," I Corinthians 13:12. Of course, it is speaking of our limited understanding and knowledge here, but in Heaven we will have clear vision and recognition, as we will be recognized as well!

Here things are not always what they seem.  Not long ago I bought a purse that I really liked.  I had carried it to church on Sunday, after which I had visiting family over for a big Sunday dinner. As we all chatted later, I noticed my new handbag lying on a bench in the living room where I had obviously dropped it coming in, in my hurry to serve the meal.

I picked it up and showed it to my grown granddaughter, pointing out features that it had, and closing a zipper pocket I had left open.  I went on and on, getting no response, when finally she laughed and said, "Mimi, that is my purse!"  I gasped and laughed at my mistake, and went to the bedroom to get my almost identical purse!  The joke was on me, as I was zipping and fooling around with her pocketbook!

The other night I got ready for bed after taking my allergy pill and setting a bottle of water on the night stand for when I would get thirsty.  In the middle of the night, I got up in the dark, heard something hit the floor and almost simultaneously felt a spurt of cold water under my feet. I had knocked off and stepped on the plastic water bottle! Seeing through a glass darkly? Up there, everything will be crystal clear!

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