Monday, March 7, 2016


What a glorious week-end we had! It began with our son Trevor joining us for breakfast on Saturday, while daughter-in-law Jennifer and 15 year-old Brad caught up on their zzzs at the  hotel.  They joined us later for a visit to the farm where Greg and his kids were expecting us.

The weather was gorgeous, perfect for outdoor activities, or traipsing in and out of the farmhouse where Greg had pulled pork in the crockpot and a box of homemade cookies granddaughter Allison had brought.  Whether jumping on the trampoline, or a rough and tumble game of basketball, the kids were kept busy.

Our visiting Texas family was introduced to the farm animals and were properly appreciative and entertained by their antics: pigs vying for the tastiest morsels in their trough, the playful prodding of the goats foreheads, and the bucolic scene of contented poultry scampering in and out of the barnyard.  Howard and I found folding chairs to watch the creatures while the others hiked up the hill to the levee.

After a tasty help-yourself lunch of pork bunwiches and dipping veggies washed down with iced tea, the brothers mounted the motorcycles for swoops down the country lane.  Trevor had been eyeing the bikes since they arrived.  We didn't realize he had run out of gas until Greg came back without him for the gas can. 

"Anyone for kayaking?" our hospitable host inquired.  He had plenty of takers as they all trudged up the hill to get canoe and kayak from the shed.  By this time, Dad and I were ready for a nap, and woke up to find them tired, sunburned and rather wet, but happy and ready for more refreshments.

Our plan for the evening was to go to a steakhouse famous in the area, although it was a 45-minute drive, at least.  A call about reservations revealed they did not take them. After the interminable drive through rather desolate countryside, we entered the rustic establishment and caught our breath.  There were what looked like a hundred people waiting, and we were informed it would be a two-hour wait!

Deciding to return to Ponca and eat, we followed the lead car until Trevor stated, "I feel like we're lost!" In the dark we had lost track of Greg in Allison's car ahead.  At last we spotted him, then he turned off, and since it was a country road, we thought we had made a mistake.  Turning around, we got a call from Greg to follow him on the unpaved road until we came to the right highway. 

A nightmare of following in clouds of dust ensued, but eventually we got to the highway and to the hometown restaurant by 8 o'clock.  We could laugh then, and the steak was delicious!  Morning came early, and we met Trevor, Jennifer and Brad for church.  A reunion at our dinner table followed before our guests had to leave, everyone full of food, fellowship, and warm memories! The Lord is good!